Our Purpose
Through generous funding, the Keep the Smile Alive Katie Lunn Memorial Fund will underwrite:



College and master class arts scholarships for students whose families have financial need or are going through hardship.

Experiential Workshops, Conferences and Retreats

These experiences will provide tools and encouragement for all ages who are seeking their life’s purpose, feeling spiritually disconnected, and always chasing happiness.

Arts Presentations and Performances

The underwriting of works of art and performing arts presentations who exemplify the mission of Keep The Smile Alive.


Professional artists outreach to other communities where they use their resources to help change the quality of the lives of others and share their talent as a way to create hope.

Cultural Exchange Trips

Participants will explore how art (the universal language) is used to bring hope, lift spirits, and open eyes. In these trips to other countries, students, artists, professionals, and families will learn the powerful lesson- In Giving We Receive.

Cultural Exchange Trips.