About Katie
"The main thing in one's private world is to laugh as much as you cry."

Katie’s life was ended tragically in an accident involving a train on April 16, 2010 before she had a chance to fully live out her dream.  This Memorial Fund has been founded to do that for her.

About Katie Lunn

Katie has touched many people in her life with her infectious smile and positive attitude.  She brought joy to everyone she met and lit up every room she entered.  Her life was a celebration and she lived every moment of it like it was her last. She was wise beyond her years and knew that true happiness was not measured by what you have but the lives that you positively affect.  She had a deep devotion to God and her family.  Her passion was dance and living a joyful life to its fullest.  She spent her life spreading that passion to young kids and adults through dance performance and education.  She was a wonderful dance instructor an inspired choreographer and an amazing performer.  Katie’s message to us all was to “fulfill our dreams and never forget to pay it forward.”